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The Perfect Partner Project
This course consists of 3 modules (each with 3 -5 lessons) containing provocative videos, compelling worksheets, honesty assessments and quizzes to get you on the right track to attract the love of your life!

It’s all SELF-PACED! So you can begin whenever and you’ll have it forever in case you forget how much of a badass you are!!
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This course is for the woman who:
  • is sick and tired of dating all the wrong men 
  • ​is ready to bring in real love 
  • ​is is willing to take steps in her own growth
  • ​is excited abut falling in love with herself
  • ​is ready to feel worthy of the love she desires 
  • ​is excited to open her heart up again to receive love 
  • ​is ready to stop settling and start taking action 
  • ​is tired of dating apps and websites that hook you up with the wrong kind of man
  • ​is ready to manifest her perfect partner
  • ​willing to ramp up her basic intimacy skills
Here's What You'll Get:
  • Amazing top selling e-Book- Designed to Inspire you to prepare your surroundings for the goodness to come
  • ​Secrets to Meditation that work  
  • ​Reflection worksheet and exercise
  • ​Perfect partner meditation mantra for daily use
  • ​Happy Hour live chats with me twice per month during your 3 month free membership of the Lover’s Inner Circle -this is amazing value! ($2100.00 value )
  • ​Three month free membership to Lover’s Inner Circle – a private facebook community of fabulous women all striving to have it all and getting it! ($591.00 value)
  • ​Free admission to first-live event ($197.00 Value)
Module 1 -It is all about me

-Unleash the real you- getting to know you
-Tell me your favourite lie
-What it takes to fall in love with you
-Embracing your gut feeling 
-realizing ‘no’ requires no explanation

Module 2- What at do I really want?

-Conscious creation habits
-Discovering the core four in your ideal partner
-Clarifying your vision

Module 3- Secret to creating long lasting loving partnerships

-Avoiding unhealthy relationships
-You have to give to receive
-Learning that AAA- attention, affection and appreciation is a two way street
-Unpeeling the essential four layers of the woman you need to be

 I was facing a divorce, had a 2-year-old son and a business to manage. Kecia was there for me as a woman, a friend and a shoulder to cry on...there were times where she was the only one I felt I could really talk to. I knew she wouldn’t judge me and that I could fully trust her. But I also knew she was going to keep it real and prepare me for what was coming. She coached me to think of me and to know the best was yet to come! 

My divorce wasn’t got very hard at times...some of the darkest moments of my life that I never want to revisit. I honestly don’t think I would have gotten through those days if it wasn’t for Kecia's guidance, friendship and She insisted I fall in love with me and use this time to reinvent myself so I could live my best life. I felt her love and I knew she was genuine and understood
what I was going through.

- Martina Espinosa
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