Discover How To Make The Process Of Divorce As Pain Free As Possible.
Simplify Your Divorce Process Through This Powerful Concierge Service Designed to help you make smart decisions and legal choices you did not  even know existed!
Are you scared that your divorce will ruin you financially?

Do you lack confidence & courage to ask for what you and your children deserve?

Do you know what you should be fighting for?

Are you struggling with your current divorce?

Are you confused about the laws and what you are entitled to?

Are you scared to divorce or separate because of the kids?
The Girlfriend's Divorce Concierge
If you are thinking about getting a divorce, are in the middle of a divorce or recently divorced and need someone who can provide a flexible, goal-oriented process specifically tailored to support, motivate, and guide you through the process, the Girlfriend's Divorce Concierge is for you.  

Having a divorce coach who has been practicing family law for over 20 years and is the proud survivor of a divorce is a priceless asset! 
So how does the Girlfriend's Divorce Concierge Work?
As a Divorce Concierge, Kecia Clarke will help you make the best possible decisions for your future, based on your particular interests, needs, and concerns. She will also tell you the secrets of divorce that even her own clients were shocked they could negotiate for!  

You’ll learn how to reboot and create your best life starting now... 

Not only will Kecia interpret the law for you but she will give you the tools and strategies needed to live a better life than you can imagine by providing you secret weapons used to ensure years of security  in the event of death, unemployment and catastrophes that may affect your alimony and child support.

Kecia and her team will guide you and answer questions that are preventing you from moving forward from where you are today. We will help you decide when and if you should divorce.

The Divorce Concierge addresses all the concerns most women face during this critical time. Concerns like finances, the children, co-parenting, wills, life insurance and being single again. Kecia will guide you through the overwhelm.
The Girlfriend's Divorce Concierge Services as follows:
  • Pre legal advice – This minimizes talking to your lawyer and being billed exorbitant fees when all you want to do is vent about what a jerk your soon to be ex is.
  • ​Hand holding - Kecia will be right there with you helping you make the right decisions FOR YOU and not what family members or friends are telling you to do that might not be in your best interest. Kecia will be your “thinking partner”.
  • ​Marriage assessment - Helping to help decide whether to divorce or separate. Assessing counseling needs for parents and the children
  • ​Assisting with reasonable and fair goals and expectations – Kecia will help you decide what it is you really want and or need while encouraging cooperation with other side so as to not waste valuable time and money.

  • ​​Post divorce consult – Help you establish a vision for the future by establishing short and long term goals and helping client with a plan to reach them.

  • ​Kecia will serve as the voice of experience - Having practiced divorce law for over 20 years and having gone through a divorce herself, she is able to share her experience, both the positives and the negatives.
Choose How Many 1 Hour Sessions You Want To Do!
One Session: $200
Three Sessions: $450 ($150 Savings)
Four Sessions: $525 ($275 Savings)
Who is The Girlfriend's Divorce Concierge for?
Women who:
  • Want to get what they deserve to protect their future and the future of their children 
  • Want to know whether college tuition and private school can be negotiated for;
  • Are willing to put the time into painting  a true picture of their marital financial situation;
  • ​KNOW they need help but don’t know where to begin or how to start;
  • ​Are struggling with identity before & after a divorce;
  • ​Desire to live a happy and fulfilled lifestyle before dating again
  • ​Want all the benefits of falling deeply in love with themselves like financial freedom, setting  career goals and enriching relationships!
Perhaps you’re asking why I put so much emphasis on loving yourself?
Because it all starts with you.

Until you love yourself and accept yourself unconditionally, you will never be able to let someone else into your heart or life… least not the right way.

Not loving yourself opens you up for the wrong kinds of relationships.

The relationships that do even more damage and result in you needing to heal and repair from others’ hurt as well as your own.

And it’s not just about relationships; but not loving yourself can also lead to picking up the wrong kinds of habits.

Things like giving so much and feeling like no one notices or acknowledges…

...always feeling so drained from taking care of everyone.

And because you are so lacking of this self-care and self-love, you can forget how incredible you really are.

The Girlfriend's Divorce Concierge & my job is to help you keep or get your finances together during this time of important decision making. Kecia will help you to remember who you really are and how incredible your life can be.   
Who The Girlfriend's Divorce Concierge is NOT for:
  • Women who aren’t ready to be real with themselves and take an honest look at their current self;
  • Women who don’t want to put in the effort to look honestly at the current financial picture in order to make tough decisions; 
  • ​Women who don’t think they need any help from anyone on their situation;
  • ​Women who are more than willing to settle for whatever they can get;
  • ​Women who are scared to ask for what they deserve during this crisis
  • ​Women who are going through the perfect divorce and getting everything she wants and deserves because she knows the law; 
Take a look at 
What Other Women Have Said
I was facing a divorce, had a 2-year-old son and a business to manage. Kecia was there for me as a woman, a friend and a shoulder to cry on...there were times where she was the only one I felt I could really talk to. I knew she wouldn’t judge me and that I could fully trust her. But I also knew she was going to keep it real and prepare me for what was coming. She coached me to think of me and to know the best was yet to come! My divorce wasn’t got very hard at times...some of the darkest moments of my life that I never want to revisit. I honestly don’t think I would have gotten through those days if it wasn’t for Kecia's guidance, friendship and She insisted I fall in love with me and use this time to reinvent myself so I could live my best life. I felt her love and I knew she was genuine and understood
what I was going through.
Martina Espinosa
End the fear of the unknown now and  start loving yourself and your life NOW!!
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